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Leather seats are a bit of a luxury item in a car but a very nice one and there is nothing that spoils the effect and comfort of a seat than if it is damaged by minor scuffs and wear marks.

LVV Services have been carrying out minor Leather seat repairs for most of the main dealers, including Jaguar, Porsche, Aston Martin and Bentley for the last 18 years which means you can be sure our technicians are experienced and capable of repairing your leather seat to the highest standard.

Over the last 18 years we have repaired leather seats which have suffered all sorts of damage from mice eating their way in, to sharp objects in people’s pockets ripping the seat.

You can be sure, if your seat has suffered some minor damage or scuff, there is an excellent chance that we can return it to its former condition.


Car Vinyl Seat Repairs

Not only are we expert at repairing leather seats we offer the same service for vinyl seats as well. The repair process is virtually identical and we are very experienced in the repair of vinyl seats compared to replacement costs. We can easily repair all those annoying little nicks, scuff and cuts bringing your seat back to life and lifting the worry of it affecting the value of your car.

Velour Seat Repairs

A cigarette burn hole in your velour seat can be hard to overlook and be a source of great annoyance. Don’t worry we can also help you with this too or most minor damage to you velour or cloth seats.

We are SMART repair specialists offering a fully mobile service covering the majority of South Wales.

Although we can repair a large selection of minor interior and damage to your car seats we do not provide a complete upholstery service so if you are looking to re cover your seats then sorry it’s not us you need a car upholsterer.

BUT you will be amazed at what we can repair and refurbish so just give us a call and we will do our best to give you help or advice.


Don’t spend time worrying about that minor damage to your car seat, give us a call and I think you will be pleased with what we can do.

Remember we are a fully mobile service and we can come to you, whether that be at home or at your place of work, this alone will save you time and money.