Have you damaged or scratched your beautiful alloy wheels?

Well if you have  congratulations, you’ve come to the right place to get them repaired.

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Our Repair technicians can repair your damaged or scratched alloy wheels, at your own home in Boverton, South Glamorgan, South Wales. What’s more it will take no time at all, usually no more than an hour or couple of hours at most.

LVV Services alloy wheel refurbishment system involves using a SMART (Small, Medium, Area Repair Technology) process, it is not only quick and professional but very cost-effective. Our Repair technicians have many years of experience and we can assure you that on most occasions we are able to restore your impaired alloy wheels to their original beauty.

Whats really good about SMART repairs is that it enables us to repair and paint small areas of damage and blend new and old paint finishes, of various types, so that it blends together extremely well. By using the SMART system we can carry out repairs at your home in Boverton, South Glamorgan or if you would prefer at your place of work. We would need a flat service to work and access to a power supply.

The other great thing about SMART repairs is that it permits us to be fully mobile and operate without the requirement of full workshop facilities and we can still repair damaged alloy wheels to their original beauty.

At LVV Services we always endeavor to provide a fast and efficient service especially if you need that accidental scuff to your alloy wheel done in a confidential and timely manner.


The repair process is actually quite straight forward:-

First our technician will inspect the wheel to ensure that our system can be used to refurbish the wheel safely. If is acceptable for a SMART repair we will first use a small grinder removing any ridges or damage to the surface of the wheel.

Once the damage is been cleaned out we will use a specialist type of epoxy that fills in the low spots that are left, rebuilding the surface integrity, at the same time strengthen the wheel.

The next part is to smooth out any high areas and to blend the surface to a flawlessly flat surface, ensuring that the alloy wheel is returned to its original material condition.

The final step is to repaint it in its original colour and to finish off two coats of lacquer to protect the finish and make the alloy wheel look like new.

Please be advised we cannot guarantee that all types of damage can be repaired with SMART refurbishment techniques because it may not be just cosmetic, it may be structurally damaged which means the wheel may require replacement, our repair technicians  are experienced in evaluating if it is possible to be repaired or if it should be replaced.

Remember when it comes time to sell or exchange your car for a new one, it is very important to have pristine alloy wheels, as it can make a big difference to the look of the car. A clean looking well looked after car always boosts the price and so having your alloy wheels repaired will in fact put money back in your pocket.

If you would like to have your alloy wheels back to their original beauty, with no problems and at a great price, please pick up the phone and give us a call us for an appointment and we can come along to your home or workplace in Boverton, South Glamorgan, South Wales and make your alloy  wheels shine again.



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