Mobile Car Alloy Wheel Refurbishment and , High Quality Alloy Repairs at Competitive Prices

Kerbed, Scratched or Scraped Your Alloy Wheels?


We Offer A Fully Mobile Alloy Wheel Repair Service at Affordable Prices In Port Talbot – Glamorgan – South Wales.

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We can complete maintenance and repairs to many types of Car Alloy Wheel Refurbishment on a mobile basis and for the repair services that are not suitable we can offer help and guidance.

We can repair Kerb damage, Scrapes, Scratches, Chips, Corrosion, Lacquer peel and if we can not fix it ourselves we can frequently arrange repair services on your behalf with our trusted contacts within the motor trade.

Why select a repair work over replacement of your wheels

The Average expense to change an alloy with a like for like maker replacement is anything from £100 each, to as much as £1000’s in some specialist cases such as Porsche, Bentley etc.

Our Repairs Start at £50 per Wheel so you can see the advantage!

Most of the times the original damage will be completely undetected.

As we like to state our best work goes Un- seen


How We Do It:

  • Firstly we prep the wheel of your car, and mask the edge of the wheel to ensure good paint coverage without overspray.
  • We DA sand the damage and fill excess with a flexible gel filler, to ensure damage is undetectable.
  • We then mask out the Tyre and valve to ensure paint is only applied to the areas it should be and apply primer to the repair area.
  • After flatting the primer to ensure its smooth and ensuring the surface is ready to paint, we apply a basecoat to match existing colour.
  • Once paint has cured we apply 3 coats of clear coat lacquer to bring a lovely gloss shine to the wheel, cure the lacquer and de mask the tyre.

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Alloy wheel repair service Swansea – has redefined the conventional wheel refurbishment and customisation service having constructed a track record supplying exceptional levels of client care, quality and sturdiness now boasting Wales leading alloy wheel repair and repair service professionals, committed to transforming your used and broken wheels you’ll now be proud to show on your new look car.

We have a team of knowledgeable professionals providing a mobile service covering Swansea and the area our mobile maintenance and repair and restoration van is designed and equipped to refurbish or customise your wheels to manufacturing facility completed condition, serving both trade and personal consumers from Newport to Swansea offering an exact same day service where possible.

Alloy wheel repair service Swansea has actually built a reputation for quality with these additional services and products available:

Mobile service, Same Day Service, Bumper repair work and small dings and dents likewise got rid of each of our repair service professionals has over 20 years of experience in the Smart repair service industry.

If you drive a Fiesta or Ferrari, Beatle or Bentley Port Talbot, Glamorgan, South Walesyour wheels will certainly be reconditioned or customised to the very same demanding standards, but don’t take my word for it, reviewed some of the reviews on my home page and if you still not persuaded simply give us a call for aid and advice we are constantly pleased to assist and discuss your requirements and the options readily available.

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